Monday, 14 October 2013

Autumnal swimming

We're at that critical time of year when you have to keep immersing to be able to cope with the cold times ahead. Some friends and I have a regular Sunday morning dip in the Dart which I have only irregularly attended throughout the summer.  So this Sunday I was rather dreading getting in. I stood in the water for a while before taking the plunge, while the rest of the party faffed around on the bank.  That proved a good thing, as I started to get used to it so when I eventually launched it didn't feel too bad.  The water was beautifully clear and there was an amazing underwater autumnal spectacle of leaves drifting down down through the water like little gold coins. 


Elwood Blues said...

Where were you? It was fun at Lower Sharrah last Wed and not so cold I thouight, I hadn't realised before just how deep it is. But Still Pool was quite chilly on Sunday .... and raining.
Tonight Bell Pool or Spitchwick, not sure, if the sun is out Spitchwick should just about get some until 5:30, Bell Pool gets none at all at the best of times.
even the sea has started too cool of, well it felt colder at Scabbacombe yesterday than Durl Head last Thursday.

Sophie said...

We were at the Swimming Pool at Spitchwick (just above Lower Corner Pool) - absolutely lovely