Monday, 21 October 2013

Swimming to Silver Cove

South westerlies have been battering Devon, so I was in search of somewhere sheltered to swim.  Elberry Cove, in between Paignton and Brixham, was the obvious choice, tucked as it is in the SW corner of Torbay, with its back to the gales.  We arrived to find beautiful calm, verdigris water and as we waded in on a very low tide it felt really quite warm.  I've swum here many times and have always been curious about a little cove further along;  I assumed it had no name but my son was looking at a map on a board by the beach and discovered it is called Silver Cove.  We ended up swimming over to it, seeing herons, black backed gulls and cormorants on the way.  I had assumed it would be too cold to swim that far - about half a mile there and back - but the water was lovely. A few of us climbed out to 'claim' the beach; there was no silver or indeed any other treasure in evidence, perhaps it gets its name from the pale stones.
Thanks to Jackie Wills for the first picture.


Elwood Blues said...

You can get down to the beach quite easily from the footpath above or walk along the foreshore on a very low tide. Swimming from Elberry to the point is a favourite of mine and just beyond the point is another very small beach.
Keep your eyes peeled, my wedding ring is on the bottom just this side of the point. That was an expensive day!

Sophie said...

Yes we walked along through the woods afterwards and could see a v steep path down - with a rope at the end to abseil down the final bit!
Sorry to hear about the loss of the wedding ring you can't have been Mr Popular on your return....