Thursday, 5 March 2015

A swift Spring swim

Outside my window the blossom is out.  Birds are singing.  The sun is shining.   Inwardly, I am letting out a huge sigh of relief, because it finally seems that Spring is here.  Today, Anna and I were finishing our session in the Torture Chamber (aka the gym) and we emerged, at about five fifteen, to glorious sunshine and LIGHT.  Spontaneously, we decided on a swim, and popped to our nearest pool on the Dart, the one we call the SSS (the swift swimming solution).  We arrived to find the dwarf daffodils out, and the water smooth and inviting, with golden reflections of the clouds above.  We were unprepared, so wore socks (plus in Anna's case, trainers) to keep our feet warm, which were surprisingly effective, so much so that we wondered why we bother spending money on wet shoes.  The water was achingly cold on our unprotected hands,  but delicious.

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