Friday, 27 March 2015

The excitements of Dartmoor

Sometimes it's just non-stop thrills.  Today on Dartmoor we had waterfalls, plunge pools,  real live soldiers letting off explosions and firing guns, and mysterious underground chambers.  We set off from Okehampton up the brilliantly bubbly East Okement River where we frolicked in the numerous frothy pools, before heading out onto the Moor past the Nine Maidens stone circle and down to Cullever Steps. Here we found a military exercise in progress, complete with bangs and smoke (although they were firing blanks).  Then it was up and over into the next valley where we lolled around in the peaceful waters of the River Taw whilst gazing up at mountainous Steeperton Tor above.  Then, on the way back towards Belstone we noticed what looked like a sunken bunker, with strange glass and metal hatches.  Imaginations immediately started running riot with thoughts of waterboarding and other nefarious uses, but a little research showed this was an ill-fated attempted in the 1950s to extract water from underground. Thanks to Lynne for the photo of me swimming.

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