Monday, 21 June 2010

Bizarre Bazaar

Ashburton 'went funky' on Saturday, with a market called the Bizarre Bazaar. Jazz/soul floozy Mama Tokus sang outside, trailing her 'Big Bustle' (a cunningly hidden speaker), revving up the atmosphere and pulling in the punters. The town hall, where the market was held, was 'Christo'd' with exotic silk drapes. And inside, a host of goodies was on sale, from vintage lingerie, through to home-grown veg, panama hats and 'pre-loved' kitchenalia. The term "Brighton-on-the Moor" has been tentatively coined, but I don't think Ashburton needs to take its cue from anywhere else.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Perfect Penlee

Penlee Point, on the Rame Peninsular in Cornwall, just the other side of Plymouth, is full of history, both natural and man-made. Heading down to the rocky coastline we walked over a camomile lawn, relishing its fragrance, and passed bee orchids, purple vetch, speedwell and foxgloves. At Penlee Point itself we found Queen Adelaide's Grotto, an eighteenth century lookout point, and there are apparently various Victorian and Edwardian defences in the area. As we swam from an idyllic sandy cove round through channels to sheltered rocky pools, we were passed by a procession of naval destroyers and frigates going back and forth from Plymouth Sound. There was masses of marine life to see including anenomes, sea squirts and some amazing seaweed called thongweed which looked just like a mermaid's hair.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Scottish Play

For weeks excitement has been building in Ashburton about a performance of Macbeth featuring local painter and decorater Chris in the title role, and, among others, Charlie the chimney sweep as the porter. The show was put on in the atmospheric St Lawrence Chapel, and directed by former actress Cathryn Harrison, grand-daughter of Rex. It was intriguing to see people you see every day in the street, transformed into Shakespeare's characters on stage, and showing another side to themselves.