Sunday, 22 February 2015

Traces of history

Anna and I set off along the coast path, hoping to swim at Bugle Hole, but the swell was rather daunting so we decided not to risk it.  We returned to the main beach at Mothecombe where we were both a little nervous about getting in, having just returned from the balmy waters of the Red Sea.   We dodged the rollers as we gradually submerged, and then headed over to the ruined tidal pool that we'd spotted from the cliff path above.   As we explored it, overshadowed by the old WW2 pill box, it occurred to me that we were swimming in an interesting archeological site.  The beach and the local area are part of the Flete Estate.  The estate's website explains that the pool was built in 1875, but that unfortunately the Home Guard blew a hole in it before they left at the end of the war.