Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Darty Dozen

I am still on a high after last weekend, in which we ran the inaugural "Darty Dozen" - 12 wild swims across Dartmoor over 2 days, and camped at Huccaby Farm.  The event was all about remembering Felix, and raising money for SUDEP Action, but in the end it was about so much more.  It was about love and support and camaraderie and laughs and excitement and adventure, and sheer human solidarity in the face of tragedy.  It was a stunning weekend in every way.  The weather was glorious.  We walked and swam in the most beautiful spots, from the High Moor to the Dart gorge, covering 15 miles in total.  At the end of it we were totally exhausted but happy.   As I drove home, the car stuffed with camping detritus, I shed tears, both happy and sad because ultimately of course, if Felix hadn't died the weekend would never have happened.  If you would like to donate, the link is here.

Crazywell Pool
Black Tor Falls

Broada Stones

Near Princetown

Venford Falls

The Dart Gorge 

Buddy's Pool on the West Dart 

Near Princetown