Monday, 28 November 2016

Pottering around at Heybrook Bay

We set off to explore the coastline between Wembury and Heybrook Bay.  It's a bit of the South Devon coastpath I've never explored before, and what a revelation.  The path is pretty much at sea level, and you walk along marvelling at the beautifully intricate pattern of rocky outcrops and numerous little bays, like natural lidos .  At Wembury Point, we saw a display board which said there was a holiday camp here in the 30s - complete with a man-made lido, the remains of which we could see.   The sky changed constantly, as it does on winter afternoons, with the 'eye of God' - the sun's rays - giving a dramatic appearance to the Mewstone offshore.   In Heybrook Bay, the water was incredibly clear and we had a deliciously refreshing swim, in which we explored in and around the numerous channels and pools.  A lovely afternoon out.

The old lido

The remains of the old lido today

Natural lido
Heybrook Bay from coastpath