Sunday, 12 December 2010

Around the rocks

My mission to find new beaches on my home turf continues. Today I tramped around near Noss Mayo. Warren Beach snuggles below the cliff path and the grand driveway which Lord Revelstoke built in the 1880s for his carriage rides along the coast. It's just below Warren Cottage, a fairytale house which he built as his lunching spot. It's a steep climb down to the beach and greenfinches serenaded us as we arrived. There are lots of dramatic rocks and networks of channels, all filled with gloriously clear water.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Through the keyhole

It was a return visit to Bugle Hole which I am convinced must have been the haunt of smugglers years ago. There are even little ancient steps carved into the rocks down to the cove. The cave is a secret passage, easy to miss even if you're standing right by it. We clambered and then swam our way through it to the sea on the other side, marvelling at the pinks, purples and greens of the rock around us. It was a Narnia-like experience, passing through not a wardrobe but a cave, into another world, the water beyond.